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      By using an advisory-based platform, our firm provides conflict free solutions in:

      Real Estate & Real Estate Finance

      It's not always about getting the listing or funding that loan. It's about knowing what's best for the client.

      Real Estate Investment Options

      We represent clients ranging from small businesses seeking to expand, to Fortune 500s seeking to consolidate and put capital to better use. We help individuals to diversify investments and municipalities to enhance economic growth.

      No-Cost Consultation

      Strategic Real Estate Ownership

      Diversification is necessary today. But it doesn't have to mean risk.

      Diversifying Real Estate Portfolio

      We provide real estate opportunities that minimize risk and maximize growth. We can help. In one meeting.?One visit.

      No-Cost Consultation

      Real Estate & Auctions

      We make markets for our Client's real estate. We don't follow them.

      Fine Auction Services

      Buy or sell real estate within weeks, by using www.kmbjzc.cn.? More efficient.? More opportunity.? It’s where the most qualified buyers meet the most qualified sellers.? Learn more about our services.

      No-Cost Consultation

      Property Acquisition

      DRES has helped owners evaluate and successfully acquire real estate

      Professionally Delivered

      Applying the DRES auction market-making solutions to purchasing real estate allows you to properly evaluate and invest in real estate for your business.

      No-Cost Consultation

      Property Management

      Our Active Management creates income and value

      Essential Advice

      We take an extensive value-added approach to property management with a strong emphasis on advisement to execute our clients’ short and long-term goals. DRES uses?its years of real estate experience and wealth of knowledge.

      No-Cost Consultation

      Economic Development

      We've worked with municipalities across the nation

      Helping Local Economies

      Our firm specializes in helping municipalities through a team approach. Due to our contacts in both real estate and private capital markets, our approach achieves results. We continue to forge strong relationships with local economies.

      No-Cost Consultation
      Real Estate Transactions
      Contacts for immediate client use
      Brokers Interacted With
      Completed Transactions


      Company business comes from unique clients and locations. Repeat clients enjoy a routine of quality and fast performance. New clients experience unique ways to finance, expand or sell businesses, sell or acquire real estate. Diliberto Real Estate Services has successfully auctioned real estate including but not limited to office, retail, industrial, multifamily, hotel, special purpose, land, luxury homes, and more.


      Our Core Values

      Diliberto Real Estate reaches back in time for core values; when the business culture was about people, time-honored practices and personal service. Today it is common to see this culture replaced with high volume, self-service and systems.?Meanwhile, Diliberto Real Estate taps the current market’s resources, tools and technology-centric advantages, which when combined with good business, create the high-level services which is why our clients, small and large have selected Diliberto Real Estate over closer or larger service providers.

      What Our Clients Are Saying

      “crystal finco, finance restructure; hiring a firm in Chicago to handle real estate, when we are in Boston, seemed to be difficult. ?However, our management company, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, recommended Diliberto Real Estate. ?In 6 weeks, a very difficult situation was resolved, the property was sold and we were able to capture more than expected.”

      “I have known Frank for almost 20 years and take his advice in real estate and finance because he has helped me many times.”

      Reza Toulabi ? Restaurateur and Entrepreneur

      “Diliberto Real Estate sold our chain of restaurants in just about 10 weeks, which was the timeline they recommended from the beginning. ?We engaged the company to evaluate the property and then to sell the business and real estate. ?We were not sure how to offer, but the program itself defined the way to do it; leading to the best outcome.”

      William McHenry ? Investment Banker

      “Intel was not able to see the property, which was located in San Juan. ?So Intel required a person we could trust to visit and report back. ?They sold a 500,000 sf plant within 12 weeks to an investor in New Jersey. Intel’s strict requirements were me.”

      Wally Jacobs ? Real Estate Executive- Intel

      Latest News

      How Governmental and Corporate Real Estate Owners Overcome Slower Markets

      October 15th, 2017|

      Over the past decade, millions of square feet of manufacturing and distribution space have been rendered obsolete as technology advances allow for smaller footprints. The first to face the challenge is the local government


      Partial List of Clients

      Firm executives have conducted business in dozens of states and multiple countries, delivering in excess of $3 billion of transactional and advisory volume. We are a company with both local and international presence, so we can help resolve any real estate dilemmas you may have.

      VIEW ALL

      Building Honest Relationships

      Our services are built on trust, honesty, and integrity. We want to help buyers, sellers and investors get the best possible deals in a transparent manner.

      Contact Us
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